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RE: Drum & Bass, Moving On & Hitting The Reset Switch

in Music2 months ago

Similar situation this side bro thanks for sharing with us all i'm also hitting reset and taking much needed headspace so will be a bit quiet on my new HIVE doh but health always has to come first. Plus its really encouraging to know I am not the only one I have just been adding my never ending tracks to vlc and letting them play out so many forgotten and unheard in my collection I am quite enjoying taking a step back hehe :)

Thank you for all your help and support Nicky take care out there bro and awesome news on the career change sounds wicked hope you can secure me a ticket on your rocket ship 👊


No worries mate, we all need a break and if we don't recognise that and take action to help ourselves then no-one else will! Health always comes first! It's nice to let things just run on auto for a bit with the music and finding those tunes in your collection again.

Haha, plenty of room on the International Bass Station mate! Gotta get my head in the books first though :)

:) Was gonna abbreviate the Station hehe but it would open to many jokes 🤣 bigup Nicky the sunshine is so good at helping recoveries too so hope you having time to enjoy lots of it now as well :)

Stay safe out there and hope the career change comes real easy for you 👊

Lol, DBS mate? Yeah they're a good bunch! I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine too mate.

Thanks for the well wishes, hope you're all good too!

International Bass Station hehe bless bro enjoy the sun get a good recharge i'm in the middle of redecorating the studio now feelin lots better being off all tht social goop :P

LOL! Yeah OK, I get you know... so slow today haha!

Get that energy from the Sun mate, it's like a solar panel, recharging us and the social goop is a great big pile...