Drum & Bass, Moving On & Hitting The Reset Switch

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Drum & Bass has got me out of so many rough patches and I'm going through another one of those right now. Not gonna lie, my mental state has just totally fallen a long way downhill over the last 6 months but I'm doing everything I can to fight through and stay positive. By sharing dnb posts each day, it's actually given me something to look forward to and I get to reminisce with you some of my favourites, whether it's my own productions or the tunes I listened to that helped me dig deep.

So I was browsing my own Soundcloud page again to see if I could find some tunes I made that sparked some positive vibes and up popped this track called "Moving On" which was one of my first tracks I ever had featured on radio. We're talking FM radio as well and the presenter, Louise, is in to her DnB so was very interested to hear what I would submit! Later in the week, she confirmed she'd play it out and here is the recording of that fateful night back in September 2016:

Moving On

This one was released on Allowance Records but the label moved over to Exitus Records and I thought long and hard but decided to pull my releases back at the time and give me a chance to decide what I'd do with them. As it turns out, I've not done an awful lot haha! Despite that, I still had the radio recording on my Soundcloud page and listening back to the positive vibes did spark something deep within.

I made the track originally as a celebration of moving on from my long time in PhD hell and looking forward to travelling back in 2015 which is bringing a smile to my face.

Reset Switch

However, as I've mentioned previously, I'm going to be closing down my website and twitter page in the next couple of months and just keep the tracks as they are on Soundcloud and then released on Spotify. Effectively hitting the reset switch and just going back to making the music, sharing them on the streaming sites and spending less time online.

Something I've learned last year is that getting involved in so many projects spreads yourself far too thin and you end up either doing none of them well, burning yourself out or both, which is no good for anyone. I have been trimming back my involvement in some projects and even stepped down completely but think I need to go in to solitude for a long time and just recharge fully.

I'll be starting a masters hopefully next Jan and switch careers in to the Space industry eventually in the next couple of years. This will of course take up a LOT of my time along with working the day job too but I will do my best to keep in touch on Hive seeing as I'm forever here now right? 😉 Just going to keep posting each day for the #hiveblopomo challenge and take it from there.

Hope you enjoy the track

Take care



It's been a pleasure to get burnt out with you on one of those small projects. 😂 Though we all needed to move on, our small contribution to the contest scene on Hive was pretty special while it lasted.

I know I'll be able to hunt you down somewhere for the occasional chat, so you keep pulling back where you need to. Real life is much too important (and fleeting) to get caught up in digital horseshit. 💩

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Haha, that really was a fun project despite all that we went through for the couple of rebrands, we kept it going, made awesome friends from it and dished out some pretty impressive prizes. Will never forget the spreadsheets haha!

Too right, a lot of digital horseshit out there, I'm glad our corner remains manure free 😉

Oh Nicky, I saw your cover photo and thought, here will come the travel posts :) But started to read your writing (of course while listening to your track 😌 which is cool 😎 ) and you made me think about the condition you are in now. I see it positive, indeed, as you can assume what is helping you and what not. Your own analytical approach will make you wiser and if you are touching the bottom, you can just go up.

And mentioning Space industry... wow, no limits for you 🚀

Thanks a lot BroTiano, I'll get out of the anguish soon and start to do the things that bring positive vibes to it all! Think we have to have these bad times to make us appreciate the good stuff!

I'm excited about the Space Science masters, just need to pay for the course first 😆

Loved this post Nicky, Its important to talk about mental health so much. The masters sounds exciting mate, the best of luck it will be so worth while. 🪐🌠🚀

Thanks mate, yeah mental health is not something that should just be tossed aside as if you stay unhappy for prolonged periods of time, you will get the physical effects appearing and that can be really damaging.

I'm starting to get excited by the masters and thought of potentially going in to that sector now. Still a long time to wait until the module starts, January 2022 so got to impatiently wait for that to start haha!

Hey hey! I love dnb!

I’m actually an OG trance girl. There was a time that I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything other than trance (of many sub-genres). Then one day I heard booty house. Long story short, I’m more very diversed with my electric genre taste.

Trance (generally older trance only) is still my go to most times but next is dnb and breaks. There’s just something so deep about bnb that isn’t quite explainable.

Happy producing!

Hey Ana! Great to meet you here and it sounds like we have a similar musical upbringing! I was originally into trance around 1999-2004 before falling completely in love with liquid dnb from 2004 onwards!

Still listen to trance and break beat every now and again. In fact I recently released a 5 track Goa/trance EP that you might be interested in called Clouds of Memories which is a throw back to the old times 😁


Similar situation this side bro thanks for sharing with us all i'm also hitting reset and taking much needed headspace so will be a bit quiet on my new HIVE doh but health always has to come first. Plus its really encouraging to know I am not the only one I have just been adding my never ending tracks to vlc and letting them play out so many forgotten and unheard in my collection I am quite enjoying taking a step back hehe :)

Thank you for all your help and support Nicky take care out there bro and awesome news on the career change sounds wicked hope you can secure me a ticket on your rocket ship 👊

No worries mate, we all need a break and if we don't recognise that and take action to help ourselves then no-one else will! Health always comes first! It's nice to let things just run on auto for a bit with the music and finding those tunes in your collection again.

Haha, plenty of room on the International Bass Station mate! Gotta get my head in the books first though :)

:) Was gonna abbreviate the Station hehe but it would open to many jokes 🤣 bigup Nicky the sunshine is so good at helping recoveries too so hope you having time to enjoy lots of it now as well :)

Stay safe out there and hope the career change comes real easy for you 👊

Lol, DBS mate? Yeah they're a good bunch! I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine too mate.

Thanks for the well wishes, hope you're all good too!

International Bass Station hehe bless bro enjoy the sun get a good recharge i'm in the middle of redecorating the studio now feelin lots better being off all tht social goop :P

LOL! Yeah OK, I get you know... so slow today haha!

Get that energy from the Sun mate, it's like a solar panel, recharging us and the social goop is a great big pile...

Taken breaks is always good, life is about balance and each of us at some point (likely multiple points) in our lives need to rejust that balance. I wish your mental state a speedy recovery.

Nice tune, I forgot I had my speakers on max so once I hit play the music blasted out of my speakers. I enjoyed the loudness of it although the people who I woke up this morning might have some choice words for me once I come out of hiding.

Thanks a lot for the well wishes man. You're right, the balance is all out of whack at the moment so definitely needs a readjustment.

Glad you enjoyed the tune too - I'm sure your neighbours will have appreciated a little bass cannon this morning 😆

Something I've learned last year is that getting involved in so many projects spreads yourself far too thin and you end up either doing none of them well

You're right here, it is all to easy to burn out and end up throwing everything out altogether. It sounds like you've got a solid plan in your mind now and the daily posts and expressing yourself is bound to help ground you in some way.

Keep it real bud, don't burn the candle at both ends too much. Quality track by the way, loved the hype from the radio presenter at the start, reminds me of Annie Mac. Big vibes for a FM debut!

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Thanks a lot for the boost man! I think just getting the thoughts out in to the world has really helped to clarify things in my head and formulate a plan to get out of this slump. There's a lot to be said for developing good daily routines for sure!

Haha, yeah that radio presenter was all over it. I think she followed up my track with something that was the other end of the spectrum of chillout just to calm herself if I remember 😄

I think just getting the thoughts out in to the world has really helped to clarify things in my head and formulate a plan to get out of this slump

I reckon that's always the first step, can't really get out of a slump when everything is a mess. Glad to hear that you're on your way out of said slump though!

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Thanks man! It definitely helps when you can just "brain dump" as it were! At least that gives your head a chance to breathe

I know you have been through the mill. I am glad to hear that you are going to put your plans into action. Do what gives you peace and makes your soul happy.

Thanks Fiona, we all have really but slowly coming out of this mental winter and it's time to spring into action 😊

I am so glad your getting the spring back into your step. It's only when I look back at last year's black hole that I realise how far I have come. You can. You will. You shall.

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I really really like this idea. Because I'm at the beginning of the "career" I can't remove myself from social media yet, but I would do this 100%. Major props to you man

Good luck with your career mate! Can't put a price on mental health so needs must.

Thank you I’m just on a journey same as everyone ❤️
Yes health before wealth my man!

Reset could be a good idea!

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I think I really needs it mate. Where's that off button at? Haha

Cool track

Thanks a lot!

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