Drum & Bass - Haddaway - What Is Love (Nicky Havey remix)

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Oh go on then, let's have another remix! Why not wind the clock back to the 90s this time around and put a drum & bass spin on a classic by Haddaway called What Is Love? It was one of the most popular tracks on my Soundcloud page before I took it down to get it remastered a couple of years ago. The play count still came back with a bounce and it went down pretty well with my followers there so thought I'd bring it back in to the limelight for today's offering!

What Is Love?

You only have to play the track for a couple of seconds of the original to instantly fall in love with this one from Haddaway that was released to the world in 1993. The original with the video in all its glory is below and some of the comments get you right in the feels as Haddaway puts his heart out there and questions what love is after receiving no affection back from his other half, represented by the vampire in the video I presume, sucking the soul out of him.

Around 8 years ago, I found myself buried in my now defunct music PC (it looks like I won't be able to get any of my virtual instruments back after trying to re-install them yesterday), just playing around with some of the sounds like I normally do and thought that the synths I used in the intro would be perfect to create a dramatic, high energy remix. The cheesy strings of course had to feature and then slapped on a bassline to match the energy of the drum pattern. Add to that my own melody after the 2nd drop to reflect the emotion from the original and the rest is history!

The vocals aren't from the original and I did spend considerable time looking for that cool female ad-lib but just couldn't find them. Instead, I think there was an artist on an acapella website that provided his own sample that he put up for free download if I remember rightly (could be wrong, it was a long time ago). So I nabbed that and it worked really well with the remix version so kudos to the vocalist!

I hope you enjoy this 90s reenvisaged throwback!

Take care


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Love it! Great tune
But also makes me remember these moments!



Ahhh A Night at the Roxbury! Great memories and takes me back! To be at the night clubs in the 90s 😃

I second 😃

My thoughts exactly
Great minds think alike boy 😝

Memories 🤩

Quite enjoyed this mate, nice composition. The way you laid down the vocals really adds to the flavour and gives a mysterious kinda vibe alongside that intergalactic spacesynth (from my point of view lol).

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Thanks a lot @calumam! Glad you enjoyed this one and the intergalactic space synth! Hopefully Haddaway sees it in the same way haha!

Out of this world!!!

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I second Queen 👑🎧😀

Haha! Thank you Bitstrips Queen for the stamp of approval 😃