Liquid Drumstep - Travelling Man & Hive Tales (Why I'm Still Here)

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Getting Rid Of The Old Guard

I just read a post by @cmplxty saying that he deleted himself off of Twitter which got me thinking about my own future use of these "old guard" sites. I actually deleted my personal FB profile last month after removing all pictures, albums and info (not that I had any info on there really). To say it felt great is an understatement. I still have my artist page up there but I will probably be deleting that too at the end of the month.

Thing is, I miss the days when it was just fun to post a track up without having any concerns about handling social media accounts or FB only showing my posts to less than 1% of those that "liked" the page. Having 11k followers or so where I paid for advertising and then for FB to not show anything I posted to those followers unless I pay more seemed like a real kick in the teeth. What's more, long form content seemed to just be dismissed there and we all know about short attention spans in modern day "social networking".

Discovering The Hive Network

Then I found the Hive network thanks to a mention from @amphlux and it was a revelation. Sure, the first few months were tough to get around and you hear many mention the "posting to a black hole" experience but that's how I felt on Facebook really. At least with the Hive network, you can only really grow if you go out there and interact with others, get followers and there's no algorithm blocking your posts reaching others (not that I'm aware of)!

It took time to settle in to this new way of thinking but as a music producer, anyone who comments or becomes a fan of your work can support you in more ways than just a vanity emoji and you can then tip your fans back via tokens in this really interesting system of curation. I think it's pretty rare where there's synergy between creation and curation via the rewards mechanism and that's another big reason why I stuck around and grown my account in many ways.

Your Data Is Your Own

The part I like and probably didn't appreciate at the time of registering an account is you don't need to give away any details to sign up. Create your username, get your log-in keys and then you can use the plethora of apps that connect to the Hive tech. No email, no telephone number, no private info needed. Sure, it means that you are wholly responsible for your account which can be daunting for some but if you learn some good practices on how to take care of your own online activity then it will become second nature.

OK, that was a bit of a long opening ramble, I read this post from @themarkymark about how he got here and why he's still around so thought I'd give a perspective from someone who is more of a hobbyist than a professional and is just having fun blogging! Anyway, let's have some music!

Travelling Man

2 years ago today, I went off on the trip of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months and yes, I do need to get back to the travel blogs and I will be posting them again soon and yes @stickupboys, I'll send you the stems over for this one - I'm hoping to be able to re-install everything this weekend and bounce them off to you.

From that travel adventure, I created the Travel Diaries EP of which Travelling Man is the first of 6 tracks in that collection. These tunes are a reminder to me that I was fortunate to go out there but also takes my mind back to the glorious scenery in the south island and the many hikes I did when I was out there.

Once the #hiveblopomo challenge is completed at the end of this month, I'll probably reduce my posting frequency down a bit as there are some big changes happening in my life that will need my attention. Could be massive for me!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this track and my Hive tale. Feel free to share your post about how you got to Hive and why you are still here - see the original post for more info!

Take it easy



I’ll be listening to the track in the car man! I’m going to actually sign up for a SoundCloud account, I know, a few years late lol. They have some awesome stuff on there. One of my favorite songs I can’t find on YouTube but it’s on SoundCloud!

I love catching your music and being able to give you some money, however small it is, with hive. You’re paying folks to look at your stuff and no return on Fakebook so it’s such a great change doing this stuff on here. Gone are the days when I’ll be doing anything on those platforms and I’ve started to slowly talk to other businesses about starting a hive account. Not too much or pushy about it but just giving a bug in their ear about it.

Keep up the awesome music man!

Soundcloud is a great place to share works in progress and free downloads that can't be released for copyright reasons (e.g. remixes) - it's not what it was that's for sure but it's where I started and has some sentimental value (probably not a good thing haha)! It's also got a lot of my old tracks on there and it's nice to listen back to what my productions were like early on vs where they are now!

I appreciate all the support mate! Comments are always where it's at but I can like your comment back and it's helping you grow too! There is a music app being built on Hive too and I think the tokens are coming for it so I can even upload my music here, upvote comments from those who interact, they get tokens from that and can then use them to download the tracks... it's genius really!

Nice one on speaking to businesses and not taking the pushy approach. I think the gentle educator role is the best approach and you usually have 3-6 months of "inertia" before things start moving so hopefully they will come over! It's a lot easier now than it was before to get set up, will be interested to see how the next few years go!

Hey Nicktio, good to see you are managing to keep the pace with posting every day!! Happy for you, indeed 🙌

I like the track, I am listening to it while writing. It is slower, right? Or just seems toe to be at lower bpm?

Life is more pleasant without fb hehehe, great 😉 Have you got the answer from the job interview from some weeks ago or still not?

Greetings, brother of the other Havey 🎶🎶🎶

Hey bropiano! Yes just about keeping up but it's getting more difficult and I think once the #hiveblopomo challenge is completed for April, I'll be a lot more scarce!

Thanks for listening in! Yes this on is at half the speed of my normal tunes, I think they call it half-time or it's drumstep, something along those lines 😃

I'm still not fully disengaged from Facebook but it won't be long before I say byebye to my page! I haven't heard back yet from the job interview but I figured I'd have heard by now if I had made it through, still have some hope :)

I hope everything is OK with you Queen Tio?

Yes, let's say everything ok hehe, the good vibes are on :D

Oh, so I heard the difference that it is slower, yey, I am improving :)
I listened to one track the other day too, but missed to leave a comment.

I didn't take part of that challenge, hiveblopomo, as I missed to do it from the beginning but I also tried to write almost every day. But then again, when I make posts regularly, less time for engaging, or I just have that feeling.

I hope they will call you, with positive response, but if not, you already have other plans if I understood well. 👌

Happy weekend Mickey 😋

Yes! Switching on the good vibes now 😄

You are a quick learner mitiano!

I know how you feel, trying to post everyday is tough and it means you miss out on commenting which is a bit sad! I think I'll be quite low down on the ranking this week!

Thank you for the support, I will send a follow-up to see what the latest is but I will keep my options open anyway!

Hope you have a nice weekend by the beach!

I know how you feel, trying to post everyday is tough and it means you miss out on commenting which is a bit sad!

Actually, for now I have more ideas then time to make posts every day, but ok, I will listen to "take it easy" advice :)
I hope being here some more time... so there are still many days and opportunities to express ourselves, right? ;)

And commenting, well, as you also know, music posts need time, while you listen, think about your reaction, research if you want to know more about that certain music, comment...

Waiting for the news then, you will inform us when they reach you out.

No beach for the weekend, it was raining this morning again 🤦🏻‍♀️

@edje talked to Thor but the clouds and weak rain are still here ☔
Please, remind him again more kindly 😁

Will try and talk with him again 😉

This time he listened to you, immediately :)
It is sunny 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

😱 🙇 NJOY as much as you can 😉

It's Sunday, we need to take it easy but sorry to hear about the rain!

I have just deleted my FB page and there will be nothing left of me there! Twitter will follow along with my website at the end of this year. I decided I will step back from this name and sunset it after 10 years of adventure. Maybe I will create a new alias and make music under that but I think the baggage I've picked up over the last 10 years needs to be dumped at the departure lounge and I'm going to jetset off 😁

I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I hear!

Hope Thor gets the message 😆

Thor got the message, it was sunny, and rainy again, and in the late afternoon again sunny hahaha. He could not decide actually :D

I think the baggage I've picked up over the last 10 years needs to be dumped at the departure lounge and I'm going to jetset off 😁

🤣 fasten your seatbelt :D

So no FB anymore, everything deleted? 👌 I still have it, but haven't visited it for very long time. It will stay at the moment..

1:1 🤝

Haha, that Thor can be really indecisive sometimes! We had snow this morning, now it's sunny!

Everything is now deleted on FB and it feels really good! No data for them to leak out thanks very much!

Loved this..definitely on my chill playlist!

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Haha, thanks Bitstrip Queen!! Glad you enjoyed this one!

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I believe that you have a great option in your hands that together make your life easier. Hive and travel get along very well and you have to take advantage of that @nickyhavey

Thanks @isabelpena! I will do my best to bring some more travel blogs in the future - I've missed doing them so we need to correct that!


I feel you man. I ran greasemonkey scripts to completely nuke my facebook account too. I keep it around for messanger talking to people who still use it (unfortunately)

Great blog post idea. I think I will do the same!

Lol, hopefully they will move over to something like Signal which respects privacy. I'm sure there are other chat apps out there as well that would be better to use than messenger.

Looking forward to reading yours, feel free to tag me in!