Liquid Drum & Bass - Tribal Injection - My Next Thing (Nicky Havey remix)

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As I sit here, impatiently waiting for about 400GB of virtual instruments and synthesizers to make their way back on to my music PC after the dreaded blue screen of death back in January, I was browsing YouTube to see if there were any tunes that I could share on this fine Sunday and up popped a track of mine that I hadn't heard for a few years. Back in 2017, DeepDownDirty's Drum & Bass label set up a week of this fine genre and I had to jump on board. I can't remember the full details now but there was a big room dance track original by a producer called Tribal Injection called "My Next Thing" and I ended up doing a liquid drum & bass remix of it which was released on the label later on - shout out to Maya and the DDD folks! Here's the original:


I remember hearing the original and wondering how I'd even begin converting this in to a dnb track but I peeled back the stems layer by layer and found parts that I liked such as that dreamy pad sound that I feature in the intro, the stabby synths sounds and of course those wonderful, sexy vocals. As I built the track up, things evolved and re-arranging a few of the stems around turned out to be quite fruitful and in the end, once I formulated the drum pattern, I added the lower synth sound you hear in the breakdown and the deep sub bass. I think it got picked up by Nu:Venture Records which is another big label in the scene and they played it on one of their mixes a couple of weeks later which was immense! Anyway, that's enough fluff, here's the remix:

What's Next?

I'm hoping that I can get the music PC back to how it was (maybe even better than) before the whole mess happened but something that's been playing a lot on my mind recently is whether I should continue with, well... this. I mean the whole Nicky Havey venture. I'm shutting down my Facebook in the next week or two and will be closing my Twitter off at the end of the year along with my website, which will just leave the Hive profile and a smattering of music streaming profiles like YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud that I'll keep going. I'm thinking of starting a new alias for the music and create a new profile just for sharing my travel ventures with a different name too but we will see.

It's been 10 years of fumbling around but have had a lot of varied experiences along the way, I think it's time for a change...

Anyway, hope you enjoy the tunes today!


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What's next? You will see what fits you the best. Starting from beginning is not easy, although you would build your profile quickly ( but that is relative, the time) as you have experience, you would not be a 100% newbie. You would know what to do!

At the other hand, a new start can be productive for you, sometimes we just have to cut with the old things and start a new project, job, habit, attitude, place of living, whatever.

While I am writing I am listening to your track, hm, yes , that is the normal fast pace of Nicky 🎉👌

P.S. like your remix more that the original hehehe

I am not so interested in building a profile though, happy to slip in to the background and just carry on my merry way with music.

I'm definitely just looking to cut off the old social media accounts, it's feeling good to ditch those energy vampires!

Haha thanks a lot bropiano! I'm glad you enjoyed the remix!

Then I misunderstood you. I thought you want to quit here too, and start a new account, one with music and other with travel. But now I read it again, and I think I understand now (maybe :D )

I'm definitely just looking to cut off the old social media accounts, it's feeling good to ditch those energy vampires!

It is actually a good topic for thinking, what are the benefits for a musician or music producer to have social media accounts or is it better without them, or it does not matter... how to deal with them, what are the drawback etc...

Brotiano indeed has to change (correct) the username hahaha

Haha, maybe I'm just a confused Mickey! To be honest, I can't delete a Hive account anyway, not that I'd want to seeing as this has been by far the best decision I've made to join 3 years ago. Having separate accounts (one for music, one for travel) is just a case of managing it myself but we'll see how it goes!

As for the benefits, well, the userbase on places like FB and Twitter is a lot more but because the way the algorithms work, it limits your post visibility anyway and then they make you pay to have your post show up! For me, that doesn't make sense and is pretty crippling but for someone like me who is just doing this for a hobby, it doesn't matter so much. When I was trying to go full time, I came across all these barriers and I just didn't feel it was worth it. Then I joined Hive and it's been far better for me, even with a smaller userbase.

Yeah, confused Mickey and confused tio readers ;)

About writing travel posts, why do you think you would need a separate account? Just curious, but you don't have to answer :)
Ok, maybe it would be like too personal for the music fans... where you went, what you did etc, if that, I can understand.
I separated also, for actifit reports , but then I still don't know whether was it a good idea or not.. I don't have time to engage with the other account as I would like to, barely made 100 comments from January with sports account. 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

But on the other hand, then it is less pressure to do everything good and perfect, it can be okish and I can forgive more easily myself 😅

I'm not really sure having separate accounts makes sense now you mention it! That's why we have communities I guess, you can just post a relevant blog in there when you do! Handling multiple accounts is really difficult!

We're probably making this more difficult than it needs to be 😂

We're probably making this more difficult than it needs to be 😂

Hahah, you think that way too? We are the bros of overthinking 🤣

Hahaha, we really are! I already have a Masters in this subject 😂

This is so contagious!!!

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Haha!! Thanks a lot @mejiasclaudia - glad you found your dancing shoes!! 💙

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