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Matrix & Futurebound

Today's earworm on this uncharacteristically sunny day in the UK comes from a couple of my favourite producers, Matrix & Futurebound. I did feature a track from them a short while ago which was a remix of It's Love (Trippin') by Goldtrix but this time around, we're going to dive back in to 2007 to their debut album release called "Universal Truth" released on the massive Metro/Viper Recordings:


Again, this time period of around 2004-2008 holds a special place in my heart and I have been lost in the tunes from that era in the last few weeks doing some introspective soul searching! Matrix & Futurebound have produced many an awesome tune with their characteristic floaty synths and warming basslines. Although they also produced some fusion tracks between rock and dnb which you might come across if you stream their whole Universal Truth EP over on soundcloud:

Universal Truth

Some of my favourites from the duo are included on this EP including Strength 2 Strength and American Beauty VIP which is a drum and bass cover of the theme tune to the film American Beauty. There was a dance music track called American Beauty by Jakatta which is probably more familiar and also featured the piano sequence that was a cornerstone of the movie. Personally, I prefer their lighter, more melodic sounds but if you wanted a great blend of the heavier with the lighter then I recommend you blast out Universal Truth!


We need to wind the clock back to December 2018 to find the feature of this one in one of my Platform Project shows. In fact, Matrix & Futurebound influenced a lot of my tracks with their deep basslines and as I'm playing back this show whilst typing the blog, the 2nd track of the show is a remix I did where that deep bassline might remind you of some of theirs. Here's my remix of Miss Tantrum's Start Again which is a free download:

Mental Health

If you have only just joined the content on my blog then I sometimes write about mental health and share the human side behind these words. As with everything in life, there are ups and downs and I've been on a seemingly massive mental downer for the last 6 months that I've only just really come to terms with and I don't think there's any shame in admitting it. We all have our own problems, whatever they are but to flat deny they exist is doing a disservice to ourselves and the symptoms will show themselves in a different form like physical or behavioural. This is why I've been sharing music the last few weeks each day to help deal with it, along with stories and thanks to the wonderful people who reached out on Hive from my post earlier this week talking about hitting the reset switch. Hope you're keeping yourselves mentally well too.

Which of these tunes are your picks from Matrix & Futurebound? Let me know in the comments below!


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Thanks for sharing your MH views Nicky. I've been on this journey for many years now and live with Anxiety each and every day of my life. Sharing is the only way to battle the stigma attached to Mental Health.
Stay strong my friend.

Thanks for the positive words Darren and I agree about the stigma attached to talking about mental health. The amount of times I've been ridiculed for bringing it up, only for someone close to bring you down and you need to "man up"... Reminds me of being at school but some people never got out of the playground.

We're allowed to feel, we are human.

My door is always open if you need to talk mate.

Never say, I suffer with...

It's an experience, like no other.

Exactly. Learning how to change the phrasing of things to put a more positive spin can help a lot I've found. E.g. Instead of "I'm suffering with..." maybe "I'm working through..."

Hope you're alright squire.

These little tricks work wonders. I just say, I'm experiencing...

If you ever see me saying FML. I'm saying fix my life instead of f-word my life. Gotta be careful what you wish for.

Try some hypnosis videos. Find them on Youtube, just make sure they don't have ad interruptions.

And I'm doing good, man. Good enough.

That's a great substitute for the F in FML! I've had a whiteboard in plain sight for the last 12 months and will start putting positive words on there so I start thinking differently and get the positive mindset spirals going.

Nice one on the hypnosis videos tip. I'm going to start using an app that we got recently from our company which is all about mental health. That's going on the whiteboard as well. Daily good practices, little and often can make all the difference.

I'm glad that you're doing good too.

sounding good as ever Nicky!

Definitely! Can't believe this is one is 14 years old! Matrix & Futurebound are up there as some of my favourite dnb producers and have spent many hours listening to their tunes!

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Thanks a lot for the support! Glad you enjoyed today's flashback 😀

Muy instructivo tu publicacion, la verdad me agrado, gracias por compartir, saludos.

Thank you, glad you found it helpful!