The Gladiator Is Back! Let's Celebrate With Some Trance & Drumstep!

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Yeahhhhhh buddieeeees!!! I've been looking forward to this moment for quite some time and it's thanks to @stickupboys who gave me some motivation to get the Gladiator back up and running so I can start making new beats again and fine tune the unfinished "masterpieces"! For those who don't know, the Gladiator is what I call my music PC for no other reason than the tower model is actually called "Gladiator" haha!

When my music PC "blue screen of deathed" (BSOD) me back in January, I was fearing the worst. I thought that was it, the end, pack up shop, it was fun while it lasted etc.! A long, slow month later, I got the PC back from the PC Repair Lad but it was raw AF! Hardly anything on there other than the Windows 10 OS.

My heart then sank even further in to the abyss as I saw that some of the files that were on the PC prior to the BSOD weren't there. I spoke to the PC Repair Lad and we had to set up a remote log-in and he found the files, imported them and the colour was beginning to come back in to my face. But of course, all of the music programs, software, virtual instruments, sounds and whatnot had to be re-installed, re-located, re-born! I've not had to do this for a while and to say it was a mission is an understatement...

2 months folks! 2 MONTHS to rebuild, find, re-install, remember, back-up everything and all the other things that come with what is basically, a factory reset! But, yesterday, I managed to do something for Stick Up Boys that I said I'd do... send him the stems for two of my tracks so they can lay down some amazing vocals on them. The first is a trance track called "How It Used To Be", which seems fitting now as a title seeing as I managed to get my music PC back to how it used to be... hey? Hey...!

Then we move in to the drumstep side with a slightly more chilled out track called Travelling Man that is up there as one of my personal favourites due to the memories of that wonderful adventure back in 2019 around Australia and New Zealand. Can't believe I was out there 2 years ago today, hiking around the Great Ocean Walk on the way to the 12 Apostles! Anyway, if you need a reminder of how that tune sounds, then you can listen in here and as always, a shout out to @gabrielatravels for the artwork designs:

I'm very excited to hear what the lads come back with and judging by their previous collaborations with the likes of Trip Jacker, we'll be in for a treat! I also think I may revamp these instrumentals depending on how our collaborations go over the coming months and we could have a couple of new tracks altogether, we'll see! Right now, I'm just happy that one of the many storms from the last few months looks to have passed. Now it's time to sail through the others, let's go platoon! We got some butts to kick!

Take care


P.S. Now that the music PC is back up and running, I may finally be able to do some of those production walk through videos I keep speaking to @mipiano about!

P.P.S. For some reason, @exxp wasn't connecting properly with my website so I transposed this over from the original post (minus the P.S. and P.P.S.'s!)


DAMN man I was wondering how that story was gonna end :/ very glad you got some more files back than you thought you did and if you need any more sample packs or synths or anything let me know and I can ping some over because its a majorly peak situation! am glad youll be back producing the bangers again soon ;)

Thanks for the looking out mate! Was a relief for sure. Looking forward to getting the beats back in full flow!

Ohhh yessss

big up the music!
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Fantastic news, Nicky! So happy to hear you are grooving again. I am all too familiar with the dreaded blue screen of death and the factory reset. I still have to find someone to ask about my external hard drive that went on a trip plummeted to the floor a la Monty Python...

Happy music making...🤗

It's like being reunited with an old school friend and you just pick up where you left off! I'm definitely adopting good practices from here on out and backing everything up after I've done something at the end of the day.

Yes, definitely try to find someone who can help you with that! Sending you positive vibes to get it recovered! 💙

That sounds like a nightmare, glad to hear you're up and running again. I've had to do a reset a couple of times, it's refreshing sometimes. Great tunes though, How It used To Be is a little too much for me, but Travelling Man has a great sound...

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Thanks for listening in mate! I think I'll have to do some more chillout tunes to help soothe the soul a little more!

You're right that it can be quite refreshing. I think it also gives a chance to trim off some of the fat that you don't use any more, like get rid of all those old apps that clogged up the system that always run in the background but you forgot you had! I've found my PC running faster even now once I've re-installed the programs I'll be using the most.

Hope all is well with you!

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Didn't know about the problems with the PC you had little brother but I'm happy everything is back and running. Now you can begin creating magic again :)

Thanks a lot little sister and yes, looking forward to getting back in to the right frame of mind to open up the studio again!

So the "Gladiator" is back. Nice to meet him, and hopefully you will not have to re-install, re-locate, give re-birth to it 🤣🤣

Looking forward to seeing the process of music production 👏👏

Hahaha! Yeah hopefully no more re-births here, I can't go through another 3 months of that labour lol!

I'm also looking forward to it! May will be a good month to try out videos. I think there's an OBS software I need to download and re-install which is great for putting a few things together on a recording... another birth to get through lol!

Good luck 🤞😃

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