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Let's Get Freaky

Last year, I teamed up with Senor Trouser Moon Man aka Skaarl Music (@skaarl) to work on a remix of his track Freaky Medicine! The original had a tech house vibe to it that I had on repeat for a few days and it was a great tune to work out to - especially when the thought of trying to get to 100 push-ups in a row was pretty daunting... I must attempt that again! Anyway, I reached out to the lad and asked if I could a remix, which then prompted him to do a revitalised Lockdown Mix as well for last year when we decided to release it!

Name Calling

Skaarl tweeted about this one earlier and as I'm going through a bit of a trance music release phase, it seemed apt to give this one a bit of loving! It has been quite popular on Spotify for me as it's my 3rd most played track in the last 28 days with 75 streams - I guess people like their medicine a little on the freaky side hey!

If you're wondering why I call Skaarl Senor Trouser Moon Man then let me tell you! For a while, his avatar was mostly just a picture of his trousers as he was lying down in a field somewhere and so I called him Senor Trouser Man for a while. Then, if I remember rightly, around the time of this release, the new logo of the moon came about and I just added "Moon" to the nickname. Nothing more scientific than that really! I'll stop calling you that if you prefer Skaarl haha!

Although this one is only a year old, it was my first foray in to actually producing trance music and probably set the tone for this year's trance releases that I've been sharing recently. It was really good fun to work on this and cheers to Skaarl for letting me have a go at remixing his tune.

Funnily enough, it was pure coincidence that the track ended up being 8 minutes and 8 seconds, which appears as 8:08 on the time stamp. Those music buffs around here will know the significance of the 808 reference... for the non-music producers, the 808 was one of the first drum machines that allowed musicians to program their own drum patterns via analogue synthesis. Anyway, hope you enjoy this dance track and get your weekend fully in the swing of things!

Release Information

Freaky Medicine was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 19th June 2020. The Spotify link/player is below for both the tracks if you wanted to add them to your playlists!


I'll be concluding my journey in to the Trance music genre at the end of next week where the Clouds of Memories EP sees all 5 of the releases I've shared in recent months compiled together for the big finale!

Hope you enjoyed getting Freaky!

Nicky & Skaarl

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Ya had me at Drum and Base 🎧 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Then I guess I will just have to share more drum and bass 😀

Do it 😃

It's really cool that you guys collaborated on this. Did you meet through Atom Collector Records?

I'm enjoying this 'Trance phase' but I your d&B stuff is what I look forward to the most :)

Thanks mate! Yeah I guess we first came across each other via Atom Collector but didn't start chatting until EMA (Electronic Music Alliance) really, which is a collective of electronic music producers.

Haha, bless you mate! I'll be posting more DnB this time next week once the final release of the 5 track EP is complete - as much as I've liked diving back in to the Trance genre, my heart and soul beats at 174 BPM 😂