Upcoming Liquid Drum & Bass - Interstellar - First Listen For Hive Followers

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I couldn't do a penultimate post of the #hiveblopomo challenge without giving you lovely people on the Hive network a little gift of my own. Remember how I was trying to get my tunes back off my PC before it blue screened on me earlier this month? Well, I managed to resurrect those tunes and am excited to share with you a short taster clip of this tune called Interstellar which couldn't be more fitting given the news I had today. The private Soundcloud link is below:

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Space Man

I've always had a strong interest in space science and the universe beyond our own but I never really took the plunge to dive in to a possible career out of it. Always thought I wasn't smart enough having seen how easily some of those space science whizzes can just instantly wrap their heads around it. That may sound odd seeing as I have a PhD in materials science but I wouldn't say I had a choice to do a PhD at the time.

It was September 2008, the credit crunch just happened and jobs for someone with a Sports & Materials Science degree were few and far between. Thankfully some income via the form of this doctorate came about and I got lucky with some funding and, well, you know the rest... Ultimately, couldn't wait to get out but always felt over the last 7 years that I was missing something and apparently, the Universe was trying to tell me to just sort my life out and get on with investigating jobs in this industry.

Changing Career

2 years of pissing around working in customer service, realising it isn't quite as sexy as I first thought (ok, I never thought that lol) and finally, I decided to apply to do a course related to Space Science at the Open University. After paying the tuition fee yesterday, I found out today that I got accepted on to the course and it starts in January 2022!

Even better is that I may not have to do the full masters which would take substantially longer (between 3-7 years) and I don't think I can actually handle another 7 years in customer service! I'd still be working along side doing the course in case you were wondering. Apparently, this course gives you all the tools and contacts you need in the space industry to get involved with research jobs... that was music to my ears!

And now you have music to your ears too with this one! In fact, a couple of the other tunes I salvaged from my music PC were space themed so maybe it was a sign to just go for it, life's too short and all that malarkey! Go after things you want!

Hope you enjoy the tune! Not sure on release date yet - watch this space...


Click Here To Listen On Soundcloud


Listening again
Really enjoying ✌️

Wicked! Thanks a lot, glad you're enjoying this 😁

Congrats on your good news. I have a cheap reflector telescope that occasionally gets dusted off to gaze into the heavens. Space is cool! Best wishes for your recovery from a BSOD, those things can be nasty.

I need to get a telescopes, these powerful spectacles aren't strong enough to see the vast expanse of the night sky 👓

Thanks for the well wishes, looking forward to having a little down time!

Congratz buddy! Sounds amazing :D

It’s so good 😊 🎧 🎹

Thanks mate! Glad you're digging this and can't f***ing wait to get started on the course now!

Understandable! Its going to be a big change :D Same thing I did, just with Life Coaching instead of Science :D

Drum and Bass is amazing! :D

Yeah man, pretty huge change. Going to have to manage my time a lot more stringently when it starts and just focus on this transition, probably won't be on Hive as much that's for sure!

Life coaching was something I was thinking of doing 4 years ago too, looked in to it but decided to stick with another form of science! Guess you need a lot of psychology science skills with Life Coaching?

Thanks mate! I do love some drum & bass haha

Excatly! Hive is all fun and games, bjt if it doesn't pay for the bills it can take a step back :D

Well, no not really. I need a 6 month course to become a certified life coach, thats all xD I did also take Psychology at level B (Not sure if you have the scale as we do) so it is something I am interested in :D

Any EDM is good! For me it comea in periods. Sometime D'n'B other times Hardstyle :D

Also lofi for relaxtion :p

Haha, yeah pretty much! Nice to have a little extra income but I need to sort my main source out first!

Ah, I thought you had different levels of qualification to get to depending on how far you wanted to go with it. It depends on what you mean by level B, B grade? It's good you follow something you're interested in in any case. Otherwise it will make for a miserable time 😀

I am with you on the lofi for chilling out! Need some of that sometimes!

Excatly. Hive is like a nice savings account :p

Ehm, well the system is very different here I guess. Education is normally free of charge here.

I paid for my own Life Coach since the goverment isn't supporting that and thank god for that xD

Haha yeah you're right, it is! With various tokens that keep giving!

Damn, you get free education? We have to pay about £9k per year for undergraduate degree and that's just tuition 😀

Lol! Thank God you didn't get the course funded! Love spending money 😂

Wow nice one Nicky and congratz on finishing the HIVEBLOPOMO man thts hard to spell :P
Got it cued up for breakfast thanks for inspiring us all m8 just shows be persistent keep with the flow and it all works out cause sometimes we need a lil bump or two so we can appreciate.

Nice to see you rescuing tracks and getting back in the daw can give your self a well earned lil break from posting now and hope you keep us all updated with your journey :)

Haha thanks mate, still one more post to get through today but will just do a summary of it to wrap things up!

Well said mate, I think you learn a lot when you just push through even when there are times you don't feel like it. Slow and steady wins the race... But I do need a break haha!

Hope you enjoy the dnb breakfast this morning!

Ok, It's official. I'm addicted to your songs!!!

Just listened to Travel Diaries EP and what a great collection! You sure have the gift my friend!!!

I'll listen to all of them, probably a lot of times, specially when working.

Thank you so much for sharing!

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Haha amazing, welcome to the Havey Express lol! Thanks for listening in!

Did you listen on Soundcloud or Spotify or another streaming site?

Travel Diaries is probably my personal favourite release with Travelling Man and Dreamer being my top 2 of that EP so appreciate the comment, thank you!

Hope they help you through your work!

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I listened to it on Soundcloud, and I'm following you there too!

Hope they help you through your work!

Yes it did! And also helped me to clean the house, to do the dishes, to cook... I'm basically listening to your Drum & Bass all day long!

Cheers mate!
Keep up the good music!

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Ah thanks mate, glad it kept you company during the mundane tasks! I guess I better make some more tunes and post them on Soundcloud for you haha!

It sounds amazing, Nick! Congrats?