Red flowers

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Other than white flowers, there are also some little red flowers along the road to my office. These bushes of little red flowers are nearby the Ampang Park LRT Station.




I actually would like to take a much closer shot but the closest and clearest shot I got is the first one up there. Because this bush is really just by the main road of Jalan Ampang. Many cars on the road. And then the time when I took this photo, it's under hot sun too. So I just shoot a few photos and then have to go off. I don't want to stand by the roadside for too long as this would block others from walking to or from the LRT station.

The next time I will try to shoot a macro shot if possible. 💪

Wish all of you a great Tuesday and to you who started to fast on this Ramadhan, wish you all Happy Fasting (Selamat Berpuasa). ♥️♥️♥️

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