Practicing Photography Lesson - 1 Rule of Third

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I am just a beginner in photography. I would like to record my learning in my posting. The lesson that I take is from a professional photographer from my country. She is a woman. She is also a youtuber who shares knowledge and tricks of photography.
She is Martha Suherman. You can visit her youtube channel

Practice Composition Theory - Rules Of Third

Rule of third is placing the Poin of Interest in the third part of the pictures. You can take 1/3 or 2/3. These are some photos that I practised from the theory

In this photo I found no point of object but I took rule of third layer, th horizontal line of the water is 1/3 and the tree is 2/3.

This is a picture of rice field puppet. I used the theory rules of third. The puppet places on the 1/3 of vertical line and the other part are 2/3.


The point of object is the arrangement of bamboo in the water. The rules of third here that some part of the water is 1/3 and other 2/3.

This a long distance view. I found no point of object but I use the rule of third of horizontal line. The water is 2/3 and the sky is 1/3.

Ok, those are the pictures of the practise the lesson one - rules of third. Can you give me some suggestions? I would be glad to get critics from you all. Don't forget to help with cool upvote so I can produce better pictures and follow me @lebah I will follow you back!