A ceiling...

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Of course those stained glass windows were the ideal choice for a color splash.
Then again, that star ceiling was also a great thing to do ...
On the original (RAW) photo it is difficult to see that it is actually blue, while it is now much better on the black and white version. Compare yourself with how the photo came out of the camera ...


But now I'm sitting here with that updated ceiling ... what would it look like if I inserted it back into the color photo now?
Let’s try it ...


Well ... this version is not wrong I think 😉

For those interested: This church is located in Paris, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district and is the oldest church in Paris.
The current church was built in the 11th-12th century. Earlier churches with this name were destroyed four times by the Normans. Each time the church was rebuilt from the original drawings.
Especially the bright colors and the abundance of gold make it a perfect location for a photographer like me 😉

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Your processing is perfect for highlighting the beauty of this place! You definitely brought out the blue sky and "stars" very well. The geometry of the architecture is fascinating! Bravo! 😃

I think you are right and it is not wrong! Looks beautiful!! 💖

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A typical example of a hidden jewel in a very touristic city.
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I'm good and hope you are as well! You know me.. always the quiet one..lol. 🤨😊💞

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