Hmm, which one to choose ...

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One of my favorite photos from a few years ago ... an elderly lady looks admiringly at the panorama that Antwerp offers ...

I have to admit I was curious if a color splash would work with this photo too. And this time not a selective color, but a selective zone: the whole window remains in color while everything inside remains in black and white.

And frankly, I don't know. I like it, but I still have the feeling that the full black and white version is more powerful.
Judge for yourself:


With the black and white version you get more of the feeling of someone being trapped and eagerly looking forward to the free world outside ... a kind of corona lockdown story actually 😉
What do you think? The color splash or the black and white version?

And for those who like to play games ... have you discovered the "little" boat in the picture?

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Dear @pixelfan.

An image can convey many concepts, ideas, thoughts ... feelings.

You are right: the black and white image conveys a feeling that we cannot experience in the other image.
Definitely, the photographic technique of black and white has always been and will continue to be my favorite.

Yours, Piotr.