Rising star selling on WAX?

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https://peakd.com/@risingstargame I have to give it to you you just impressed me, The work around to the WAX integration of a Hive NFT system is simplistic yet effective. I'm not going to have used this yet as of writing this post but your the first Hive front end to do anything like this and, I try to cover as many WAX events I can for my fellow Hive users

I was watching these get minted the other day and I was waiting to see something about it in an official capacity & I hoped no one was stealing the Rising Star Content to rip users off, Not trying to offend but the market has a real issue with this and its danger shouldn't be underestimated.

No in fact the rising star NFT assets in this WAX collection are legitimate:
I'm fairly certain they are anyway but its an educated guess let's say https://peakd.com/hive-195370/@risingstargame/buy-packs-with-wax Is rather coincidental if its a fake.

They have made a great decisions that is while simplistic one of necessity, They facilitate the asset transfer through discord. Meaning because Hive doesn't play well with other blockchains They transfer the asset to your account directly over Hive using their account/ front end I'm guessing based on their post and what I can infer from their WAX listing info.
Unfortunately I'm a little busy today but this is big so I had to cover Rising Star on WAX ASAP however I'm not going to transfer an asset on WAX just yet I will purchase some to airdrop but this is my second post on what was already a busy day so I will probably just purchase a pack to do an unboxing with my Hive account from starbits earned playing the game.


Cost 10,000 Starbits
Not bad Griff is kind of rare on the in game market and the drum machine is only listed 3 times.

Why is this so big

Hive Based games usually dont have any markets outside of Hive, One exception to the best of my knowledge being Splinterlands which actually didn't start on Hive it predates the fork of Hive and Steemit.

While this is somewhat fixable by wrapping your in game crypto with another crypto asset usually ETH or EOS on an outside blockchain. The transfer of which is facilitated by Hive engine.

A crypto system like Hive engine has one weakness facilitating NFT cross chain transfers isn't possible instead this needs to happen on a game design level out Like splinterlands did originally With Hive steemit and ETH.

Given this limitation the game NFTs are limited in their market options being restricted to Hive users.

I am just guessing about everything based ion what I know about Hive and the Games on it if I'm wrong please let me know I welcome chances to learn.

Why rising star is a hive game I play daily

Simple I play rising star because it was free to me anyway When I joined I had to get to level 20. This may have changed but I dont think it has & now through the marvel of innovation brought about by the necessity. Discord has facilitated a indirect form of NFT asset transaction between the two networks. From what I can gather we should be able to sell our assets this way to but I'm going to have to research further.

Before they even facilitated this type of transaction I was still a fan of Rising Star their limited market has devalued a lot of their NFTs but its free crypto and NFTs. Regardless of what the market says about this game I have been a fan for a while now.

As blockchain is still a fledgling industry any project showing this brisk of change to their game is worth keeping an eye on. Their special missions have always changed depending on holidays or events. Not only this they allow users to earn a number of Hive engine crypto through the special missions.
The Music promoter features are another first for me at least when playing blockchain games.

For those of you that noticed Starbits Pro on Hive engine or while playing rising star these are apparently earned by promoting certain missions through the music promoter menu of other players using starbits as if you where promoting a professional musician.
I'm speculating of course I'm really busy lately I have been meaning to test this but I have been meaning to just cant find the time.

What I have stated about the Music promoter feature & Starbits Pro comes from this tutorial.

I'm fairly certain that the custom shop is some form of NFT combination but I'm not far enough in game to utilize it yet, just barely far enough to get the second area unlocked but Its all free and to date including the unboxing I managed to get 4 cards, & 2 packs as a reward for achievements as well as bought 2 packs, & 3 cards with my Starbits from playing the game. Not only this I made a couple of sales but I always felt the market was to low so lately I keep them.

All 100% Free I'm purposely doing this to prove its possible to make a decent profit without spending a dime.


WAX wallet is in my opinion the only market for NFTs, I have sold over $1,000 USD in NFTs on WAX in 3 months. My ETH assets still sit there doing nothing due to GAS, Hive NFT sales are in second place selling around $300 USD worth over the last 8 months.

I like both Hive and WAX and Feel that WAX market is just a better option for NFTs, This being said I tried the blogging Dapps on WAX and they're out of their league when it comes to blogging.

Although the WAX blockchain Is a better option for NFTs its fairly obvious to me this is not easily done for many NFT collections on Hive. Not certain about the specifics but there is definitely a pattern there to indicate as much.

My suggestion is the Games with NFTs restricted to Hive users only, perhaps like Rising star try secondary options like live support Via discord.

Not Ideal but hey they are at least trying something anything to help facilitate the need for expansion into third party markets.

While I had tried my hand at a few commemorative NFTs for Hive front ends It doesn't seem like my place So I stopped.

However Rising Star sort of gave me a bad idea but I like bad ideas if they work out so I'll Go over my bad idea, A similar approach as this but the one difference in my proposal is the mining coins for various front ends give them a redeemable equivalent on WAX with instructions set to an above average price accounting for market flux.

Bad stolen ideas aside for another time Rising star being on WAX can only be a good sign for Hive a good advertisement for the network as a whole and a good way to ensure their NFTs retain a fair value.

The Splinterlands market is a great example of this The two markets feed into one another assets being sent to whichever market is lacking at the time. Unfortunately we need a workaround for the rest of Hive front ends and Games but a simplistic answer is better then none.

From what I can gather Rising star facilitate posting sales on WAX as well through their discord as I have been Holding on to my NFTs I think ill try this soon as I can pencil it in to my schedule.

Collect social hits main page for wax dapps

The first social nft collection completion site is moving forward with their project quite quickly just signing in daily can earn you crypt or NFTs and completing nft collections roadmap is expanding their plans to allow for rewards with value soon

Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. I paid a lot today this drop cost me $5 on WAX and since I'm such a good guy I'm Airdropping a Rising Star NFT and 4 other NFTs.

Please let others know the link has been claimed in the comments it helps

4/20 Air Drop

Sorry to sound like a broken record about this but I'm just making sure all my readers know this 4/20 I'm doing my second NFT airdrop. First 42 people to leave their WAX wallet address on my Weedcash post on 4/20 Titled 4/20 airdrop get exclusive event only NFTs & a NFT joint with WAXP reward to burn.

More free wax nfts try either of these services that could be really helpful for new users looking to get more assets.

If you want to purchase any of my thousands of NFTs they can be found here including Splinterlansd, the new alien horrors, Bitboy comics, legends of NFT, & Exit Limbo.


The Rising star post about WAX

Or if your still not profiting from this free hive game might want to start


I am happy that Rising Star will be on WAX and is branching out. Do you know if the there are transaction fees for person to person payments or not?

Did you get any easter instruments yet? If not I may have a gift for you since you have always been giving out some NFTs. I got way too much of one instrument and letting go of another one doesn't bother me too much.

Link Claimed.

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Link Claimed.

By the time I read the post and got to the link you'd beaten me to it. Congrats! 😊


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I just happened to stumble across it. It tends to be just a game of who comes first lol. It did come with the #1 mint of the Rising star i6 guitar instrument.

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It is good news!!! I think it is a good idea to bring RS game to WAX!

It is good news!!! I think it is a good idea to bring RS game to WAX!

Glad you are pleased with out little test on WAX and yes it is a legitimate account (and we have now been whitelisted on Atomic Hub too).

I initially just wanted to test the waters and the easiest way to do that was to manually transfer people's NFTs back and forth.
If it proves popular then the next stage would be to allow NFTs from both chains to be imported into the game and allow automated transfers between chains but the second part of that is a lot of work obviously so we need to see if the demand is there.

@fdeflash has been very helpful in teaching me about various aspects of AtomicHub so I owe them a big THANK YOU!.

Cheers and rock on \m/

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Thanks for the giveaway! 😊 Can cards bought here be played in the game and keep their number or do they lose their edition number like with the Splinterlands cards?

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If the demand is there I will look to do this but at the moment you have to forfeit your card on Atomic Hub to use it in the game.

Well that's a good development at think NFT's has a bright future

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