Rising Star One Band Member Unlocked


Photo courtesy of Rising Star

I unlocked my first band member yesterday. One down 3 to go. I am only doing the band auditions once per day so it's going to take a while until all slots are unlocked.

It's not too bad. I am still able to do the band auditions music lessons and Starbits missions all in one day. My ranking has not been effected, though I am not progressing on that front. It's hard with missing the Starbits income doing the band auditions, which take a few hours. I am just glad I am still maintaining my rank.

After the band auditions are completed my next goal is to reach millionaire status. This unlocks a high paying mission to complete once a day. I will likely save half of my starbits until this is achieved. I will need to spend Starbits to keep my rank so that number may not be 50%. I'll see how things play out once I get there.

The birthday card will come in handy. They will be released on the 8th and then I will be able to do more missions and not worry about running out of energy.

That's it for today's update. Like always thanks for reading.


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