⭐️ Rising Star - A mix day of fun + progress report

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

An interesting day today.
Today i attracted 1800+ temporary fans in two big events. That has affected Ego and also the amount i earn.
Anyways, have started doing lessons to counter attack.
But, that is temporary so no worries, Ego will come back to 0%

Today, i also did 2 custom shop drum fair misions spending 2000 starbits in all.
Still a long way to go to get all the drum parts.

Progress on my July goals:

Goal is to Reach level 75
Currently on level 68

Goal is to accumulate 150000 starbits
current stats - 79208 starbits

Four custom shop missions
current stats - did 2 today

Goal is to break into the 100 top players.
current stats - 174 [down by 10 ranks ☹️]

Goal is to keep Ego below 10%
current stats - 14% [1800+ temporary drunks spiked the percentage]



Skill - 2830 from cards, 6968 from lessons
Drunk fans - 5625 from cards, temporary 1889

Ego from fans - 7514 (1889 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 3939
Total - 11453

Luck - 1304
Cards - 156

Players Ranking:


Festival world tour is live.
I don't think i will be joining for now as starpro prices are too high. As each mission cost 1 starpro, it's too costly for now.
I will keep an eye on the market and buy them when affordable and start the tour.

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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Great progress. Just keep improving your deck and you will earn more. So you can buy more cards. You will be ranking in no time. The millionaire card also really helps!

I'm m also giving the festival tour a miss. Starpro is too pricey! !🤷‍♀️ !PIZZA