⭐️ Rising Star - A new card pack opening + progress report + card swaps

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Since last post, i have been doing lessons and mixed missions.
Just for fun i did 2 illegal busking and earned 74 starbits and got chased away by cops. No harm done.
Also, did some basic singing and guitar lessons.

Today, i have yet to find a pizza slice to fill up my empty pizza box. If i don't find any then i will use the cold pizza slice.

Card Pack:

Today, i purchased a new card pack using the starbits i earned. This is what i got:

R67 Febie - 50 fans, 150 skills, 4 luck
31 Wayne - 0 fans, 10 skills, 0 luck
30 Jake - 5 fans, 5 skills, 0 luck

Indeed a good pack. More skills and decent fans and luck
Also, added 3 unique cards to my collection

July Goals Update:

TaskGoalCurrent Status
Custom shop missions62
Players Ranking100187

Progress Update:

Skill - 2995 from cards, 7089 from lessons
Drunk fans - 5680 from cards, temporary 930

Ego from fans - 6610 (930 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 4026
Total - 10636

Players Ranking:


Rare Card Swaps:

Anyone interested in card swaps, please comment below.
Cards i want to swap -
People - R59 Laney, R49 Bethany, R51 Brad, R54 Ellie
Instruments - R57 Pink Mic, R46 Guitar, R45 Mandolin, R64 RS 30 Guitar Synth

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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