Rising Star Birthday, Did You Get Some Cake?

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Today the Rising Star Game introduced a new limited edition card and buffer to celebrate it's first birthday. The cards are for sale in the shop for pre-order now and there will only be 500 in total, 250 sold for Starbits and 250 sold for Swap.hive.

Screenshot 2021-03-26 215520.jpg

The cards are set to be issued on the 8th of April but I doubt the supply will last until then so if you have not got yours yet you may want to jump in and get them while you can.

Also today I was able to complete my 700th mission. The mission counts are slowing down for me as I am not doing illegal busking anymore so the time is longer. I have also been doing more lesson and the time is an hour for the ones I have been doing and that takes even more time.

Screenshot 2021-03-26 222144.jpg

I only have 300 more missions until I get my next free card pack, but I do not expect to get there for several days from now. I know this is not a race but you can't really play a game without heavy anticipation of getting to the different achievements.

Happy Birthday Rising Star


For sure I got me some slices. Did you manage to get some?I see they are still on sale?

Yes I picked up 2 early on today shortly after I saw that it was the first year birthday of rising star and they were on sale.

I ended up buying one. Even if it affects my progress towards the millionaire title, I think its worth it since I almost ran out of pizzas due to a pizza drought today.

It did seem there was a bit of a pizza drought today. The nice thing about the cake when we get it is that it only has a 12 hour cool down instead of 24 hours. Can't wait till the 8th when we get them.

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