Game Status...Rising Star..... Exploring The Market Place And Purchased Some Cards....

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Hello all Music Lovers....

Rising Stars.....

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!

I have done some purchasing on market place. Brought below cards (multi pal quantity) form market and added in my collection...
Love to increase the luck and skill.
At present the Ego level is in control - thanks to the music lesson completed -they works very well.
Total card in collection are 45.


Unlock the level 55, only 1156 more XP required to unlock the level 56 😁


I love the game and making my position in the game slowly but steadily.
Last day not able to play much. At current I have 98147 Starbits which has a current Value of approximately 45.14 Hives on Hive engine.

If you are not playing the game and wanna earn starbits token then you can use my referral link

Thanks for stopping by...

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