Buy my first pack of cards! Look what I found:

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I have been playing this game on the recommendation of my friend @gr33nm4ster For several days now, from the beginning it seemed like a very entertaining game, easy to play and free, since you don't need to spend a penny if you want to play it and you can get several tokens as a reward for it, after having read some guides about it. , I decided to make a small investment and buy my first pack of cards and here I come to leave you the result.

Rising Star Game.

I was playing for about a week in which I was able to reach level 5 using only the default singer and the drunks that appeared, today I decided to buy my first pack and the following appeared:

Sin título3.jpg

  • The singer, Curtis, has a base of 15 fans, which already increases by 5 the total number he had before, with that, I can say that buying this pack was a success for my game. Besides that, he got 5 in Skill and 1 IM.
  • The Fresh Horn increase my luck in 12.
  • The Jaspa, my first Rare card, increase my fan base in 400, my luck in 4 and IM in 3, Stuning!


Right now I am waiting for my energy to recharge to test the performance of my new cards, with them I will have access to the new mission: Support Slot in the middle of the week. I am very excited with the progress of the game, I want to know your opinions about it and if you have any recommendations, welcome, thank you very much for your attention and see you in a next post.



Welcome to the show rockstar! This is the most addictive game ever!

Great cards and congrats on buying your first pack! i would definitely invest in a pizza box as well! Just to help you store those slices and use the energy when you need it!

I will looking for those pizza boxes, sounds interesting

I really enjoy playing rising star as well you can even do it next to work you just click and hide the window and continue working until your mission timer goes down :)

Exactly, you can do anything else while you playing without any problem

waiting for my energy to recharge

You can also buy cold pizza slices and pizza boxes to help your energy recovery rate. Cold Pizza Slices give you a full energy bar every 24 hours and pizza boxes can help store your discarded pizzas for when you need them.

I suppose I can buy it from the game market? Great tip my friend, thank you

Yes you can. The Rising Star game team puts up Cold Pizza Slices for 10k starbits and pizza boxes for 7.5k starbits right now. If they are out, feel free to tell them in Discord and they will refill them.

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Yeah!! very cool post!


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