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NOTE: 3Speak seems to be having issues again so here is the LBRY link so you all can see this video I worked hard on!!

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What? No Splinterlands video??

While I love doing them (& will continue to do so in January 2021), I wanted to highlight another awesome game on the Hive blockchain as well as the amazing community of Rising Star...

I was a late bloomer to this game, but now find myself playing this more & more, deeply engaged with it as well as the people behind the whole project....

So, I decided to share a Card Pack I have to open as well as some other things I show through the game....with a few distractions in between 🙄

Never played the game? Have no fear...@risingstargame explains the basics & how to play here

Check out @cryptofiloz's latest RS video & giveaway

Join me on Rising Star!


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"Rising Star Pixie Dust Mode Engaged' - I laughed so much!! :-)

We are pleased to have you in the community too as you are just the kind of bubbly and fun person we love!

I am aware of the white screen issue but it's proving a little tricky to fix at the moment!

A tip for you - choose a lesson that you want to use to increase your skill and buy instruments for that mission only (you can see a list of the relevant instruments in the FAQ). That way you will get a lot more skill when you do that one lesson type.

Keep on rockin'

HA HA HA! You probably will be seeing that "Pixie Dust Effect mode" again..... I had to speed things up since the video would be twice as long. I get in a zone hahah....

Oh that is GREAT advice, Jux! I will try that. :) Yes, it does help to read the FAQ, doesn't it? 😂🤣 I admit, I don't always do that since I like to just jump in and do stuff.... lesson learned (esp. with the whole Ego scenario lol)....

No worries about the white screen....at first, I thought it was my browser but realize it wasn't after awhile. You are great about keeping the game & site updated as well as upgraded. So, I am not worried at all :)

Thank you so much for your kind words. It truly is awesome knowing you & the rest of the gang. The positive energy (while being REAL, too) you all exude really makes my world that much better! :)

More gaming videos coming soon :) 💚


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Rising star community is great! atom collector is what brought me to steemit and crypto almost 2 years ago

The community is amazing. I am in several awesome communities but RS is special...everyone in it truly care about one another & have great humor. Not to mention the GIF game....whee, off the charts LOL ...

It is so funny, because I didn't know about RS until earlier this year! Crazy how the Universe works. So glad I discovered you all! :)

Thanks for watching & sending pixie dust your way :) 💚


what?! you can send pixie dust! cooool and thank you. how do i send junk dust??? 😅

Ha ha ha! Yes, you can do it energetically. Just think happy thoughts "junk style" & that is junk dust. We all have our own magic lol ;) 💜

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If you want any common cards to fill gaps in your collection I may have spares. It can get addictive trying to collect them. Quite a few are discontinued, so prices may go up. If ego is a problem you can put something like the speedboat up for sale at a crazy price as then the fans don't count towards ego. That may allow you to earn a little more on missions. I am having to do lots of lessons to keep my ego under control.

Have fun.

Thank you so much! That is really kind of you to offer....yeah, I still have quite a few gaps lolol...and you are SO right...it IS addictive, buying cards, etc. Before, I used to not understand how people can spend so much on cards & whatnot .... now, with RS & SL, I understand completely haha...

That is a really good idea about the speedboat...I will look into that...it's not that I don't like having that card, but it would be much better to have it as my RS journey is at a higher level where I might (hopefully) not to have to worry about ego so much lol...

I hope you win the battle of balancing the ego & skill, too....I bet you are doing great on the game. :)

Enjoy & see you at Sunday's show, hopefully! :) 💚


I have sent you a couple more instrument cards. Some of them are not much use to me and they can be hard to sell. Enjoy.

Wow! Thank you so much! :) I appreciate you! 💜

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Cool Video on Rising Star ... Love it !!
Nice effects too 😛

Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed making it. Hopefully, next time, I will have more goodies and/or strategies to show...still a newbie in a sense lol...

Now, you know I can sound like Minnie Mouse hahaha :)

Thanks for watching & your kindness. You & the gang rock! 💚


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I just want to clarify one thing... I have recorded the Rising Star video just a couple of minutes ago (didn't publish yet but will very soon), and we have talked about the same thing again.. :) About the awesomeness of the RS community!

Btw, thanks for the mention! And you should record your cat and sent it to Jux... Maybe he can create an "instrument" from the sound :)

Great video and keep on collecting those cards! :)

Your RS videos are AWESOME. I really enjoy them & even though we talk all the time, I still learn something from them. Your "calm" narrative just helps me slow down my chaotic thinking ha ha ha ....

You are absolutely right - the RS community is friggin' amazing...I am really glad you invited me to the Sunday show, because it really is one of the highlights of my week now.... people are so great in there & so talented, too!

You are welcome for the mention! It gives me a reason to shout out my bestie once in a while! ;)

Oh you're giving me ideas - I might hit Jux up for that. What I WOULD love is to give Timmy a voice...what???? Yeah, working on plans for that - maybe in 2021? ;) We will see...

Thanks for the kind words & for watching!! More content to come...waiting to see yours!! :) 💚


I have actually been dedicating my energy to Music Lessons to get my Ego down for the last couple of days lol
I don't know if you have it yet, maybe you have but silly me just found out about the Cold Pizza Slice card that gives you a pizza slice a day and that helps a lot especially when pizzas don't show up as often lol
I think I have duplicate cards that maybe you don't have that I don't mind send to you to help your collection!
Have to go into their Discord more often! They seemed pretty cool :)
You are doing great Sis!
Love ya 💜

Yeah, actually, that's what I have been doing, too - the Music Lessons haha. Thank God for those, because they really helped bring my Ego down. Otherwise, I would've been up the creek without a paddle lololol....

I checked my inventory & yes, I DO have the Cold Pizza Slice card. It does come in handy, esp. as you said, the pizzas don't always show up. I also have the Coffee cup one as well, which is helpful....

Thank you so much for the offer... I think I might have a couple as well. Maybe we can trade or something.... :) I am really dedicating my time to this game as well as SL (as you see from my crazy videos from there haha) so hopefully, in time, I will have a bigger collection....

Thanks so much for watching & for your kind words...good luck with your gaming, too!! Love ya, too :) 💚


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Thank you!!! You ROCK! :) 💚