Five from weedcash Friday

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These prices where from yesterday evening 2/25/2021 Every Friday I select 5 users posts at random to get re blogged to Weedcash clan on Torum , my crypto sub reddit, PublishOx, And now the weed chat

The five posts i chosen at random will be added to a post about weedcash Its goings on the prices of WEED WEEDM & WEEDMM Then uploaded to all the websites listed above Including the Weedcashes Torum clan. This weeks posts
The Torum post
I'm still sorta busy with the whole NFT thing sorry if this one is shorter than usual

if you want the details of how to get a free WAX wallet NFT Cronic Card Check this post and follow the instructions Saturday Its a first come first Serve basis and only 10 are available.

Please check out weed chat its easier to get new people into Hive by showing them what we are up to projects grows ect.
It physically hurt not to keep the 420 WEED in the HODL but I got bad ass coffee cup for spending 420 WEED It delivered in 3-4 days. If you can visit the store some time there are coupons available for those that delegate a set amount of WEED, or LIST to