How to tell if Dabs are bad & what to do to clean it short path distillation and more

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Happy new years lets talk weed chemistry


Unfortunately concentrate quality is very difficult to determine by eye. Generally speaking, clear, lighter dabs are preferable to darker ones, but this doesn’t always hold true. With expanding cannabis legalization, the best way to ensure quality is to ask your local dispensary budtender if the concentrates you’re interested in purchasing were lab-tested for purity and potency. It is not off-limits to inquire about such information.
assuming that you get your party favors from a less than reputable supplier however you can tell a lot from color & smell.
should be this color or lighter
The A is dabs D is rosin and B is distillate

The smell

If you’re wondering does wax have a smell, the answer is yes. While dabs do have a slight cannabis smell, they do not produce the same strong aroma as your favorite flower strain when burned. Your consumption is more likely detectable when smoking out a room with flower compared to dabs. An open container of flower will also be much more pungent than an open container of dabs. Stay away from noxious or sulfur smelling stuff the more it smells like your old bong the worse it is usually. This is due to the carcinogens are the majority of what resin is sulfurs sugars tar carbon and other chemicals from the plant.
I live in the center of town they came to visit today

What to do about it

1st of all I would just throw it out but if your in a position that this isn't an option there are some options available. Best option is the most expensive a short path distillation kit is a good place to start but really you want a rotary distillation system but those can cost 2/3 of a Bitcoin about 16-20 thousand dollars but a short path distillation system is about $200.

Bothe of these are used to make distillate realistically you could use one to make crap dabs smoke able. Honestly you will be shocked to learn that for every ounce of dabs you have about 1/8 carcinogens that cant get you high but are very bad for you.

Assuming your a baller on a budget you can achieve a similar effect with a winterizing process but its not going to remove much but trapped gasses. Winterization is a process of breaking it down with another solvent Alcohol 99% or pure ideally. in a cold solution once broken down evaporate alcohol. BE CAREFUL!


though not extracted the same way impurities are still prevalent even in organic flushed professionally grown pot has sulfides sugars ect in the plant though the rosin extraction removes less less isn't none.


While pure THC is more or less harmless the thousands of other chemicals are not necessarily as harmless. knowing exactly what temp and atmospheric pressure just THC boils off at will make purifying it simpler with the right tools but that's only with the right tools.


It really can be hard to tell what's a good dab. It is good to know who makes it for sure

yes but if your in the dark a short path distillation setup is a good call seen a hill billy use a mason jar a drill and a hotplate with a bleeding valve tubes and a 2nd mason jar beautiful thing to behold
thanks for the comment and wine cheers happy new year


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