Uncensored true stories Nick Swardson, Joey Diaz, Maria Bamford, Drew carey- Talk Friendship, stripers, cocaine, music festivals and psych wards (This Isn't happening)

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(This Isn't Happening)a comedy central show If you haven't seen it, change that immediately, the show not really advertised for it because (This isn't happening) is uncensored. Usually airing once or twice at 12 am or later most of these episodes are really messed up true stories even Drew Carey from the price is right is a closet bad ass his awesome story about electric daisy music festival he isn't high or drunk others where so I'm counting it.

This isn't happening

Originally hosted by ari shaffir who was replaced by Roy wood jr because he wouldn't stop hiding edibles in mall of America. This is a real thing that happened there is even an episode featuring a story explaining it and you can find news reports if you google it. You should if you get a chance binge all of them YouTube has a bad habit of killing the better ones so watch them while you can. Here is my top five favorites this first one titled friends a must watch Joey Diaz details his relationship with his mother's best friend and how it shaped his definition of friendship.

First line from the video "she would be in there watching novelas with a scale, a bag of coke, a gun, & a motherfucking Chihuahua"

Drew Carey - A Bad Trip at Electric Daisy Carnival - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored
Drew carey asks if this person he's with can use their vape staf replies you could shoot a gun in the air no ones going to care

Artie Lange - A Pig on Cocaine - This Is Not Happening-Uncensored

Nick Swardson - Plus One - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored

Maria Bamford - Psych Ward - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored
They have taken several videos down already such as bert kreischer The machine Its still an active case so they pulled down comedy centrals version however you can find it from his other stand up just not this isn't happening just search- bert kreischer The machine Russian mafia are in this story its good fun

nothing micro about my dose today chain smoking Northern Lights while binging this isn't happening as everyone should at least once.