Weekly 5 For the WeedCash-Torum Caln

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Every week ill pick 5 weedcash posts, Aforementioned post will hen be added to the weecash clan on Torum in a weekly update on the weedcash site. Either ill pick 5 base on my judgement in no order particular you can suggest posts by commenting on the previous weeks post , Comment Torum then the post url. My picks for this week include


Honestly https://weedcash.network/@howwwwl Did a much better job than I At explaining the science/importance of land race strains my hat is off to you.
image.png These are being selected to be added to the Torum WeedCash Clan weekly Update. They will be included along with stats on WEED WEEDM & WEEDMM such as market cap staked amount Price etc. at time of writing & Posted Here: https://www.torum.com/clan/5fee848bc954e45599639dbd

This weeks post



Nice picks!

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thanks I'm up to like 566 followers on Torum so I try to show them the best of Weedcash every week.

unrelated but I have to say this is a first never had $100 in WEED before

106 In pot.png
$1,000s in Cannabis but first $100 in WEED

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