Hashkings Nerfed Seed Production- New Strategy


Image courtesy of Haashkings

Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. if you decide to purchase anything or follow what I am doing you do so at your own risk.This post contains my opinions. You may have different opinions / strategies and that's ok.

The image above is the new seed distribution formula. They tried a modified version of this where a tiny amount of seeds were produced daily. It wasn't good . Now they made it even worse. This is a game changing and potentially game killing move in my opinion. Here are some of the issues.

  • The feast or famine model devalues seeds. People rush to sell which tanks the price.
    Comparatively, before they implemented these changes I was earning decent money selling seeds. I was selling at the lowest price and was not price gouging at all and was making $10-$20 a day and that amount was slowly increasing as I increased the amount of MOTA I staked.. Now I make only a fraction of that and it's not consistent like it was before.. Keep in mind it was very costly to become a seed producer so making these kind of returns made it so I could afford to upgrade water towers and begin to recoup my initial capital.

This new model totally screws over seed producers as well as those with higher yield lands.

-Drop rate percentage is too low for higher yield seeds.This was true before they made these changes and is much worse now. I have brought this up more than once. At current rates I am only able to produce enough seeds for Asia for myself . I only have two plots.I am in the top #6 in total MOTA staked so I should be producing more than what I need. This makes Asia seeds hard to find and expensive for players to buy. Jamaica seeds are in a similar situation but not quite as bad.

-Drop rate is too high for low yield seeds. I am absolutely flooded with South America seeds and so is everyone else. This lowers the value of these seeds.

The distribution model they currently have makes no sense. Lower yield lands take 6-7 days to harvest. While Asia takes 1-2 days. A super majority of the land plots are lower yield lands. To have the seed distribution trigger at less than 5000 is not mathematically sound when 13k (approximate) of the total plots are these lower tier slower yield plots (South America and Mexico). Pair that with higher yield seeds not being produced at a high enough rate and it's a disaster.

This means if less than half of the people who own SA or MX plots plant , no one can get seeds and have to wait at least 6 -7 days to even get the chance of getting seeds. Due to high water requirements not everyone can harvest immediately when the timer runs out so this is a best case scenario. This is not even counting people who plant in the other plots.

Side note I have plots in all regions. I am not trying to sound elitist when I say lower yield plots- that's just what they are. I have 30-something Mexico plots and 7 South America.

Basing seed distribution on total plots occupied without accounting for which type of plots are occupied and which aren't is a terrible plan.

Now that we can upgrade water towers people will be able to harvest more quickly. I know I was slowed down by not having enough water and even then I couldn't produce enough Asia and Jamaica seeds to sell.

I am not the only one who feels this way. I have spoken to about a half dozen people and no one I talked to likes this model. I am sure there are people who do, I just don't know of any of them. Please let me know in the comments what you think. I like hearing other people's opinions even if they aren't similar to mine.

This game is supposed to be "community driven" yet no one in the community was asked if they like the proposed changes, even though they said that they would consult the community on major changes. This seed distribution is a major change .

I see this happen a lot in gaming. The developers nerf something that doesn't need it and the players feel they are being screwed over (sometimes in fact they are).

All this said things can change at any time and hopefully they will. But as things are now are in my opinion not the right way to go.

In the meantime my strategy is simply to earn back my initial capital. I was putting about 95%+ of my earnings back into the game but now I am going to keep 75% + of my earnings until I have recovered all of my out of pocket expenses. I was going to do this eventually anyway but for me right now it's important to get my capital back as fast as possible.

Once I am playing with profits if things go under I am at zero risk of loss. That's how I like to play games like this in general so this is not specific to Hashkings.

Luckily I set my account up in a balanced way. I can for instance focus on water production since seed production is iffy right now.

After that and once things settle down or hopefully get changed back to a better distribution model I will make decision on how I want to play this game moving forward.

Luckily I set my account up in a balanced way. I can for instance focus on water production since seed production is iffy right now. Once they open up rentals I can also rent out some of my plots.

Keep in mind these are my opinions. Just because I don't like one or a few aspects of a game doesn't mean I don't like the game or the team behind the game. I am committed to blogging honestly and will do my best to always share why I feel the way that I do and any strategies I come up with to get around things I may not like.

Thanks for reading :)


Ps Please let me know if you need any clarification. I am still struggling with cognitive issues (damn brain inflammation) and articulating things is hard as fuck right now.