Hashkings New Water Requirement and Temporary Strategy

Photo courtesy of Hashkings

Water requirements have changed dramatically. Though I think this is a good move for the game, it's a bit of an adjustment. Water towers are also somewhat scarce 19k total (I think) for this first round of land plots. So I bought more water towers. About 60 of them.

This was a bit unexpected but I did have extra Hive in my wallet to spend on whatever so I bought a bunch of towers once I found out the new requirements. About $30 of my spending was done with earnings from selling game assets like MOTA and a few seeds.

As of right now I have 119 water towers. I may get some more but if I do , they will be purchased with earnings from game assets and not out of pocket. The same applies for upgrading water towers I will pay for it with game earnings.

This will also allow me to sell water and use some for giveaways on my curation account @curatingunicorn

Long term though my strategy hasn't changed. I am just buying more water towers than I originally planned.

I started producing enough seeds to sell some but I am not producing enough of certain seeds for my own use yet. I still haven't harvested all of my initial crops , so I may have a lot more MOTA to stake for seeds soon.

Currently I am staking about 435 MOTA and that's not quite enough higher yield seed drops for me to effectively use all of my lands right now. I am close though. I am over producing lower yield seeds right now so I am going to be selling the ones I don't need .

That's it for today. thanks for reading.



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