Employment effected by Covid and how we should manage it

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Hello everyone

I am back again with another video and in this video I have talked about employment and how we are affected.

I have share my thoughts about this topic and hope you should be helpful for you guys to manage your situation however everyone will have their own preferences and prices it's up to you how you manage it.

Thank you so much.

have a great weekend.

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Yeah employment rates have been going down a lot in most places, which is why I work even harder with Hive and CTP to create myself an online income to in time replace the need to have a job, and I encourage that solution for anyone, but it will take both time and a lot of hard work, stay awesome.

you work full time on Hive or doing something else also ?

The goal is to be working full time with the combination of Hive and CTP and affiliate marketing, but I am not there yet, need to eat too, so I do some other things too, but not full time though.

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