This Splinterlands Season is ending in One hour and I am looking forward to have Great Reward

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Hello Everyone

I'm back again with another video and in this video today I have talked about the fantastic game on the platform known as the Splinterlands. I play this game every day and spend about one hour to finish the quest and also to increase the ranking overall for the season.

Current season is ending in one hour time and these days competition level is quite high. I am in diamond 3 League now and eligible to get 40 loot chest reward. I have updated my cards recently that made me enter in diamond three League however earlier I was playing with gold to As for the card collection power I used to hold.

Today in this video I have talked about my so far journey in this season and what I am trying to achieve in next couple of days when new season starts.

Thank you.

Stay Safe

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Do you feel easy to complete your quest in diamond League?
How much battle , you have to play to finish the quest?
Asking in just curiousity..😊😊

very difficult to finish the quest in the diamond league. I did not finish today's quest because I did not want to dip down in gold. Yesterday I had to play 11 battles to complete the quest. I usually don't play on the last day of the season because the competition is too high.

Exactly I experienced too..
That is why I determined to remain in gold League not in diamond League..

I choose diamond because I am not in leaderboard so better to get more cards when I cant get untamed packs.