Better ranking on Engagement League this week. Let's talk about it. IAAC#276

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Hello everyone

This is my participation for I am alive challenge by @ flaxz and I am fit and alive.

It's very important to to ensure that we are safe in this time of covid-19 day me and safety is one of the important part for all of this time.

In this video I had talked about the improvement on my engagement level and ranking is improved in engagement League that is published today and this is something making me happy so I am going to put more effort on it and we'll try to get the numbers higher in next week.

Thank you so much.

Stay Safe

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Safety is first in these strange times. COVID situation is really getting out of control.
Stake safe and keep your distance.
I have seen some improvement in my ranking as well today and i am happy with the same.
I see you also have hit the lucky number to get sponsorship 😎😎

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thank you so much, my friend. Yea I won this week. stay safe buddy

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