IAmAliveChallenge#133 - Falling Price is an Opportunity to Buy more Tokens

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Hello Guys,

This is my day 133 submission for I am alive challenge by @flaxz and I am glad to participate in this wonderful program.

It's important to maintain social distancing and stay home as much as possible for our safety.

Falling hive price is an opportunity to buy more and stake more tokens since no one can say whether we will get this another opportunity to get the Token at this price.

Thank you so much.

Stay Safe

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Yes. Prices drop. It I a great thing for us people looking to buy. Yes indeed 😊

absolutely and I am trying to make the most of this thing.

It is a time to buy while the price is low, I only hope it stays kind of low for a while I am not quite ready to buy at the moment. I trade all my BAT for Hive and I am waiting for the beginning of next month when the next round of BAT is issued.

Thank you for the heads up