I Am Alive Challenge Day 13 || The Magic Words

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Hi guys, hope you are doing great today. It is day 13 of #iamalivechallenge an initiative by @flaxz. It has stopped raining now after two days, we have the sun today which is great.

In my vlog, I talked about the magic words needed in our everyday life that made things more easier. I mentioned two of them, one of which is "Thank you" and talked about how important they are. Listen in to get the details...

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Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

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You are so right about the magic words. Please and Thank You are especially magic these days because they are not used enough. Thank you for this post.

You are right, we tend to take these things for granted which is not so be that way. So i guess a reminder is needed. Thanks for stopping by. 🤗

Thanks for an awesome vlog! And thanks for reminding me about these magic words... they really can make miracles!

I am glad you liked it...thank you for stopping by. 😃

You are so sweet, Thank you for reminding me of the three words. Attitude of gratitude goes a long way in life. Loved your post.

Ah...thank you! We all need to be reminded of it once in a while. Thanks for stopping by. 🤗