IAAC Day 19 || Me And My Motivation

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Hi everyone, hope you are doing great and staying safe. It is day 19 of the #iamalivechallenge a wonderful initiative by flaxz.

In this video I talked about me and my motivation...in the sense that, sometimes after listening to motivation speakers or reading a motivational book we feel so geared up, inspired....but when we are faced with putting it into action, we become empty and quiet...what do you think we are lacking at that moment?

Watch video for more on my thoughts

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Thank you for watching, have a lovely day !

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Loving your positive energy, girl!✨
Keep up the spirit!☀️
I can definitely agree with "putting motivation to work"!
Because being successful depends on multiple stuff and daily motivation and discipline are for sure a part from that!
Sending you a hug,
Gigi 💌

how are you dear friend @ blisssss11 good night
How good it is to hear from you dear friend, it is normal that it happens to us, that we prepare ourselves and when the time comes we are unable to move, do not worry, you are doing very well
stay safe dear friend