IAAC Day 22 || Being Self Dependent

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Hi guys, doing great there I hope. It's day 22 of the #iamalivechallenge by @flaxz, I have been behind on the initiative...no excuses. But all that matter is us being alive, thankful for life and every little thing around us.

Are you the type to depend on others for almost everything? I think being self dependent is something we ought to learn to do...being able to depend on yourself, do things for yourself and stand on your own feet. Watch video for more details on my opinion and feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for watching!

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How are you dear friend @ blisssss11 good night
How good it is to hear from you dear friend, that everything is fine over there, we should always be grateful to have life and to see how beautiful life is.
You are very right, people should be self-reliant, we cannot spend our lives, waiting for others to do it for us. thank you very much for touching this topic
have a wonderful week