I Am Alive Challenge Day 4 || What Skill Or Talent Would You Like To That You Do Not Have Right Now?

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Hi guys, it's the 4th day of the #iamalivechallenge for me and it has been wonderful so far.

Today's question is ...What skill or talent would you like to have, that you don't have right now?...it's on a lighter note, so you have to be serious about it lol.

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There are so many skills I would like to learn. I would like to learn SEO to get found on the Internet without having to pay for ads.

Then you won't have to learn it. You just need to make a wish lol. Yeah...paying for ads isn't fun though. Thanks for your comment. 😃

i think that is a great question.

I will go with the ability to speak another language.
Seem to not have that ability.
Heck at this point just rolling an "r" would be nice.

Hahaha! I like the rolling "r" too...but damn I'd go for dancing lol. Thanks for dropping by! 😃

Hello dear friend @ blisssss11 good night
I loved that question, I would love to be able to make music with the guitar and to be able to sing in all languages
It's good to know about you
stay safe

Great video! The abundance mindset is one of the healthiest ways to go about life. There’s so much to be thankful for that we overlook

So much to be thankful for even though it looks so little. Thank you for stopping by. 🤗