Don't miss the opportunity, if don't have courage, there is no destination, and if there is no opponent, there is no progress.

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Hi Beautiful world!
Wishing you very lovely Sunday.
There are challenges in life but it is important that how do we deal with them, without courage, there cannot be any Goal setting, nor can it be reached, so it is necessary that we choose our destination according to our ability and accordingly we should choose our destination. Try to give the best and most important for these things opponent If you don't have opponent then your progress will be slow The real fun of winning comes only when there is a good opponent otherwise there is no point in winning. The most important part of all this is not to miss the opportunities. The more you keep yourself at the base, the more opportunities you will get to learn. Maybe that's why it is said that it is not important to win,but it is important to participate. I still remember what Jesse Owens said in the chapter My greatest Olympic prize. It doesn't matter if you don't know technology. Try to do your best in that which is your strong side.

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