The truth is that we are opportunists and keep changing our self according to the times. Dtube lifetalk


Hi Beautiful world!
Hope life has been going good for you..
Healthy mind can be imagined only when our body will be healthy. Attempts We learn from our experience which we see directly and some things are also found written in books. No matter how special someone is to you, one day you start ignoring them because of bad health. It is only meant to say that from the day we start losing our health, from that day our relatives and family members also start making distance. Sometimes such a situation also comes that people even start praying for death. The truth is that we are opportunists and keep changing ourselves according to the times. 5 years ago when my mother's health deteriorated and deteriorated so much that her condition became pathetic. Despite so much attachment, intimacy, we started praying to God that oh God give them freedom from this pain. Perhaps all of us must have faced this situation when we had to pray wrongly for someone without wanting to.
Have a great day.

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