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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful day ahead..
If there is more happiness in the mind then it is more appropriate to share it. The sky was cloudy with dawn. There were light showers since morning but not so much as to wet the ground. Most businesses are stalled due to the lockdown. So we all have enough time to enjoy the beautiful environment. Spend some time for physical health. In this sequence, today I came to a forested area about a kilometer away from the house, where there is also a big green playground. The freshness, lush green atmosphere and fresh air will mesmerize you. In this video you can see how green the surrounding environment is. Light winds are blowing all around. Light showers are also happening from the sky, but all these are to make the weather happy. Wherever you look, the farming classes are engaged in their work with patience in the fields. Certainly it is a wonderful environment where everyone would like to come.
Thank you

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Enjoy your green environment with trees, pure and fresh atmosphere.