With outdoor plan there is also time to think about strategy and plan taking splinterlands season.


Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a fantastic Sunday.
Hope you all making plan for outdoor visit on this Sunday. In this video I have talked about my strategy and plan taking splinterlands season that is going to end within four days. For the last three seasons, I am not able to execute my plan properly. In the last phase of the season, I have to get busy somewhere due to which the plan made fails. But in this season I want to be assure taking my strategy and plan. This time my rating is pretty good in Gold League first. I am at 20th place in leader board but I know very well that this statics will change till the end of the season. Last season's leaderboard rating was 3051. I can take my score over this level. For it I have to play a carefully.
before it very early in the morning I finished my today's quest and get one rare monster as SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF along with DEC token. This time my priority is to upgrade few monsters who has high attack and speed ability. Previous few seasons I fail to get any gold foil or legendary card, so my expectation is great taking this season. Last season when I saw that I didn't have much time for battle, I skipped in Diamond League by advance way. But in this season my strategy is clear, I will make effort to make place in Gold League first leaderboard.
Hope you are also making plan and strategy for this season.
Have a great Sunday.

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