My strategy and plan failed but I am trying to recover it in next 2 hour & trying to make place in leaderboard.


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In this video I have talked about splinterlands season that is going to end within one hour. My strategy and plan fully failed due to bad network and you to my carelessness. Three time I lost my battle under the surrender method by bad network and also last over than 110 rating. Once I clicked battle after that I forget and reached WhatsApp to read some important departmental messages. It means I surrendered and last my 36 rating. After that I am continuously making effort to take my rating in leaderboard but I think it is not enough time to reach there. This time my rating is 3000 and in coming one hour definitely I will try to do my best. if I fail definitely I would like to skip in next League so that I can get more loots chest if I can. This time hardly I get similar levels summoners for battle. Either high level or low level. If I win I get only 3 rating, if I lost then it is 36 rating. Anyway enjoying each season and each battle and learn lots of things when I face high level card holder. Now I am waiting the moment when season will end and I will open my I loots chest. What do you think about this season? Did your strategy and plan work well? Please share your opinion in comment box.
Have a great day.

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