Don't ever give up, don't know what the next attempt will lead you to success. Dtube lifetalk

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Hi Beautiful world!
Wishing you very lovely weekend।
Early moments of life can be difficult for anyone. But as we learn, we get experience, we improve. This is the philosophy of life that we need to understand. The most important aspect for this is that we should never give up. May our next endeavor open doors of success for us. But every goal will be difficult for the person who will not try. You will find many examples around you who took lessons from their failures and paved the way for success for themselves. Ever since I have joined this blockchain Saw many such people who started with full enthusiasm but with time they put down their arms and seem inactive. On the contrary, I have also seen some people who put in constant efforts, rectify the errors and are in good standing today. It is only a difference of thinking, those who thought well tried to do well and learned from their mistakes. Now it depends on us that how we take our failure.
Have a splendid weekend

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Indeed we have been taught not to persist things until last, we have been taught to leave what is not happening for you in initial attempts. I agree with what you said. 👍