Even if it's late, but definitely do something because with time people ask for status, not wellness.


Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a very lovely weekend..
Few days before people wishing for rainfall. Now it is started in a bad manner that it is not stopping since yesterday. Lol..
Circumstances change with time, everything changes but we should keep in mind that there should be no change in nature. Because our good nature, our good behaviour is valuable for us. Along with this, we must do something or the other in life because over time people ask for your status, not your wellness. At that time hardly anyone would have come forward to help you. After being successful, suddenly the number of your well-wishers increases. It is human nature that in good times we ask for well-being, while in times of sorrow we do not consider it appropriate to come near. Human behaviour also changes with the changing nature, but this change should not be allowed to grow so much that pride comes in the nature.
Have a great Sunday..

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