praise or condemn both are good because praise inspires and opportunity to beware of condemnation.


Hi beautiful world!
Hope enjoying the weekend.
Human life cannot be imagined without cooperation, jealousy and love. Some people benefit us directly while some people indirectly. Perhaps that is why it is said that both praise and condemnation are good for us because praise motivates us to do good while condemnation makes us feel good about our mistakes or alert. Maybe that's why it is said that slanderers should be made at home so that they point out our shortcomings from time to time and we keep improving. Criticism can be in any form whether it is being done by the members of the household or by outsiders. On both occasions the profit is its own. When an application is developed, public opinion is sought. Because we cannot know our own shortcomings. And in this way, based on the feedback of the people, the application is improved and updated. Exactly the same process applies in life as well. When we are not able to do any work properly then it is definitely condemned by the people. Then we think on it, improve and try to do better.
Have a splendid weekend.

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