Power never arises from physical capacity, but from invincible determination. Dtube lifetalk


Hola beautiful world!
Happy Friday to all.
We all have some unique powers within us. Perhaps we must have also realized this whenever we have been in trouble or have become life-threatening. At that time these powers become active. For example, if there is a flood situation and water starts entering the house, then we can easily lift 1 quintal of wheat sack and keep it on a high place. In ordinary situation can't do it because one quintal of weight is not reduced but in such situation extra power comes to us and this power is not physical but the power of invincible determination. This power is created by fear or enthusiasm. If you have to lift 50 kg weight alone then it will be difficult but if you want to lift it in a crowd then it becomes easy. Two reason are given behind this, one is invincible determination. There will be fear that what will be the reaction of the people if you do not take it. The second enthusiasm is to show that you have the ability to carry it. Have you ever felt that there is a bundle of wood or some heavy load and you are waiting for someone to come and help but in the end when If no one comes for it, then you yourself try and pick it up. There are some things related to life that we need to feel.
Have a great Friday..

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