Our real responsibility is to keep the family happy and fulfill their needs not to impress the world.


Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you happy Friday.
Our personality can never be identified by our physical appearance or dress. If we do not wear branded clothes or shoes it never means that we are poor, or not living like other people. The truth is that our first responsibility should be to keep the family happy and fulfill their needs and not impress the people. It is a pity that the world is living with double masks. We never try to show what we really are, but try to show what we are not. The layer of dust does not last long, strong wind ends with rain. In the same way our pretense becomes public over time. The embarrassment we feel at that time, we can not able to describe. So we should try to be content with whatever resources we have. If we are taking care of the needs of the family, trying to make them happy, then what can be a better life than this?
Have a great day.

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