Life is the greatest gift given by God, which should be lived like a celebration. Dtube lifetalk

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful Friday.
Man is the most beautiful creation of this earth. Man is one of the most intelligent beings. While taking birth, nothing happens in our hands, but till the end, do something that people remember us for centuries. This life is precious. It should not be lost in vain. It is the most beautiful gift given by God which should be lived daily as a celebration. Today's conditions are contrary to human life but we should not lose patience even in this situation. Ask the people in the corner on the hospital bed, what is the value of life? Even though our lives are staggering, no one wants this boat to sink. As long as there is life, we have to struggle. This is our basic mantra. Grief is an essential part of our life that we must accept. Also it has to be remembered that this is not permanent. It is rather transient, only a little patience is needed.
Thank you..

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