🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 30.03.2021

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Hello, dear Blockchain people!

In this video, I analyzed in detail the price chart of Ethereum (ETH/USD), by using Technical and Candlestick analysis in different time frames.

In addition, I outlined some interesting candlestick formations and chart patterns.

Enjoy watching the video and, please, comment!

A few words about me:

Just to let you know: I've been working professionally as a currency analyst for last almost 15 years, and as a cryptocurrency analyst for last almost 4 years.


Keep in mind, that the thoughts expressed here are my own, and they should not be regarded as recommendations for any cryptocurrency trades, investments and etc.

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You gave me some work today.
Unlike the last time, when I had to call my mother and send her one of your video links to translate some phrases for me, this time I used veed.io to understand the video content. It automatically generates subtitles.
I still have to find a better tool, maybe a Chrome extension for direct translations, if any out there.

Great video, @cryptospa!

Is my English difficult to understand?

No. But here is the secret: I am first putting the video there and then get out the transcribed document and keep it. So I have all the info from your video in a written form. And keep it in a file with statistics on Hive.