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What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest! Just getting over the worst part of my cold, feeling alright today I am out on a mission to pickup CBD for Jerry. With feeling a little better I will be starting up Skip The Dishes again hopefully make some financial headway before our vacation on April. Also need to get that wedding footage done from Chelsea before we head there and visit. In this video I talk a little about my plans and what other surprises you may expect from me in the neat future.

I have been meaning to work on my projects from last summer for months now, learned some new tricks, renewed my software, and have tons of video stock to make use of so I am now positioned to do so. Especially seeing how I will have a lack of time for shooting footage taking those moments to try edit some part of the project and actually be willing to put it down and come back to it later 😅 I struggle with this very thing. I have no issue knuckling down to get it done but to put it down I tend to not pick it up for a long time. It's almost as if I should start shooting for larger projects without the intention of completing them in the near future, less pressure on me allowing for the creative moments to shine through...

Do any of you do this? Shoot and come back to it many months later when the timing feels right? I could really use a nice reminder of summer right about now 😁

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Good post

Thank You 😎

What did you like the most?

I'm the queen of procrastination! I took tons of photos in Arizona last month and maybe posted two pics. Part of that procrastination is time to do the posts and wedding plan. Good luck on your projects!

I swear the consistent hustle of the 7 day payout has a large influence on not missing out on potential votes thus creating a self perpetuating echo chamber.

I agree! I really wish I didn't have so many balls in the air right now but wedding planning has to happen now. 😳

Good luck with that planning, it is one of those things yea only really get one shot at 😅 same with proposing 🤦‍♂️ one day I’ll share my story...

Love to read that story!

Luckily for you it’s a short one and I’ll fit right in with a #freewrite prompt 😉 maybe the next pick my own weekend.

Sounds like quite a project for that wedding. Wish you the best of luck with getting that completed.

I am terrible with finishing HUGE projects. Sometimes I just quit altogether. I know bad but true sometimes

I fight with that very issue, when it comes to creation and it’s therapeutic value I find there is something greater that drives me to continue no matter how many keyboards I break 😅

This time I truly intend to finish it, I have too as it is a very important day for 2 very special people to both the fiancé and myself 🥰 I know they will be happy with what ever I create as long as I create it, just gotta get past the self analysis 👍