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What's up my Peep's? Welcome to the Daily @D00k13 coming at you today talking new products for Meck Designs our home operated, Victoria local, sewing and crafts business. I am super proud of all the work my fiancé has been putting into designing new products as we see a hopeful end of this pandemic. Mask sales have dropped and with that a new opportunity awaits. As the world continues to push back against environmental contamination by encouraging use of none-plastic reusable containers Mel seen an opportunity to create a fun collection of lunch and snack bags the kids will love. With this shift in picking up fun fabrics Mel has also found other uses, such as scrunchies and slip-on wine glass coasters.

Meck Designs

Happily I can report for this I Am Alive Challenge Video, Meck Designs continues on strong as a project of passion. We now wield our own domain, have custom tags, and will be continuing to advance our webpage for locally targeted marketing.
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