IAmAliveChallenge 298 Estoy vivo y muy feliz de recuperar el terreno de las hierbas

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Hola hivianos; Aprecio de todo corazón el enorme apoyo que me brindan cada día. La vida es el bien más preciado que tenemos, debemos ser agradecidos por ella, vivir y disfrutar cada momento como; Este es mi video 298 en apoyo de este maravilloso desafío de mi amigo:   @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

Hi Hivians; I wholeheartedly appreciate the tremendous support you give me every day. Life is the most precious asset we have, we must be grateful for it, live and enjoy every moment like; This is my 298 video in support of this wonderful challenge from my friend:   @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

Muy ¨agradecido¨ con nuestro amigo Erick por haber creado este desafío, por ser mi medio de comunicación con todos ustedes, vital para darnos a conocer las cosas que suceden en nuestros países

Very ¨thankful¨ to our friend Erick for having created this challenge, for being my means of communication with all of you, vital to let us know about the things that happen in our countries

Muy preocupado por la situación en la que estamos viviendo, lo que realmente me desconcierta es que estamos en verano, y el nivel de ¨afectados¨ continua creciendo, se supone que con altas temperatura esto no debería ser así, ya son más de 2.126.000 afectados, lo que apacigua un poco la preocupación es el nivel de recuperación, que son más de 1.924.000; Lo triste y preocupante radica en los fallecidos, hemos alcanzado los 52.450

Very concerned about the situation in which we are living, what really puzzles me is that we are in summer, and the level of "affected" continues to grow, it is assumed that with high temperatures this does not It should be like that, there are already more than 2,126,000 affected, what calms the concern a bit is the level of recovery, which is more than 1,924,000; The sad and worrying thing lies in the deceased, we have reached 52,450

Me había comprometido con ustedes en darles a conocer la ¨alacena¨ terminada; Como pueden ver quedo funcional y muy lindo

I had made a commitment to let you know about the finished "cupboard"; As you can see, it is functional and very nice

Van varios videos que les comento que las ¨hierbas¨ tomaron el ¨terreno¨, pero por falta de ¨tiempo¨ no había podido venir a limpiar, ahora que puedo, vamos a erradicar las ¨hierbas¨; Como pueden ver quedo excelente

There are several videos that I tell you that the "herbs" took the "ground", but due to lack of "time" I had not been able to come to clean, now that I can, we are going to eradicate the " herbs; As you can see it was excellent

Antes de despedirme deseo presentarles a estos hivianos

Before saying goodbye I would like to introduce you to these hivians

Invited to meet me: @lizaboss
Invited to meet me:  @flaxz
Invited to meet me:  @regenerette
Invited to meet me:  @eliydrakes
Invited to meet me:  @tobywalter


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Glad to see ya doing well my friend!! peace and love to ya!!

I appreciate with all my heart pleasant view and your kind words dear friend @ psimpson67
have a great day

You are welcome, have a great day my friend....peace and love to ya!!

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@jlufer, thank you so much for mentioning me!

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It is a real pleasure dear friend @regenerette, I hope you receive many visits.
I take this opportunity to wish you happy dreams.
happy start of the week

Yes, I need that since I will go to see the neurosurgeon tomorrow. So I am receiving your blessing words with my open heart!
Huggg, @jlufer!

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